The Facts Of Life

The Facts of Life is a 1979 American sitcom about 4 girls and their housemother who are all a part of the prestigious Eastland School for Women. The 4 girls are all unique in that they represent the different walks of life, while their housemother, Mrs. Garrett, guides them as they learn about the facts of life, most often times the hard way.

Below is a comprehensive list of the facts of life which I have learned thus far. It is a working progress that, let’s be honest, will go on for a very long time because that’s just the way life works.

The Facts Of Life:

Fact Of Life #2: You gotta eat

Fact Of Life #3: Important lessons never come easy

Fact Of Life #4: Anything is cool if you let it be cool

Fact Of Life #5: If you don’t, somebody else will

Fact Of Life #6: Your highest priority in this world is to be better than you were yesterday

Fact Of Life #7: Most things are best eaten one bite at a time

Fact Of Life #8: Be gentle with all living things

Fact Of Life #9: Life is a “Pay to Play” kind of sport

Fact Of Life #12: Oy Vey’s are a part of the game

Fact Of Life #13: Things take time

Fact Of Life #14: Not everything that’s good for the soul is pretty

Fact Of Life #15: All ideas are stupid until they finally work, and then everybody wants a piece of the pie

Fact Of Life #21: The universe is a pretty smart cookie

Fact Of Life #23: ‘no’ is just a word