June 2017

Senior Photos

May 2017

Market Day

April 2017

Juggler Ted

March 2017

Golden Church

Shitty First Draft

February 2017

In The Face Of Shit

January 2017

Findley Lake, New York: Part II

Findley Lake, New York

December 2016

Raise Your Hand

Story Of Nicolle: Part I

November 2016

World Kindness Day

When A Beautiful Thing Yields An Unfavorable Result

Macro Moments: Week 16

October 2016

Cee’s Photography: Flower of the Day – October 25, 2016

pHoto pHriday (Week #17)

52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Morning!

Our Only Job

September 2016


15 Years Later

pHoto pHriday (Week #16)

Thursday Doors – September 1, 2016

August 2016

The Universe’s Way

pHoto pHriday (Week #15)

Cell Phone Frame

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Light

Human Family

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 3 – Self Portrait

Photo Phriday (Week #14)

Travel Theme: Weather

First Official Youtube Video

Photo Phriday (Week #13)

52 Week Photo Challenge

Macro Moments: Week 8

Not Every Morning…

pHoto pHriday (Week 12)

pHoto pHriday (Week #11)

Flower of the Day – Cee’s Photography

Macro Moments: Week 7


A Few Unqualified Economic Theories

July 2016

pHoto pHriday (Week #10)

The Cherry On Top Of Any Day

If You Don’t, Somebody Else Will

pHoto pHriday (Week #9)

Madame Florence

pHoto pHriday (Week #8)

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge (Week #27)

You Never Know What (Or Who) Is Above You

Magic For Muggles

pHoto pHriday (Week #7)

June 2016

The Ground And The Stars

To Bee or Not to Bee (Partners)

pHoto pHriday (Week #6)

Valkyrie And The Freedom Writers

pHoto pHriday (Week #5)

The M&M Trick

pHoto pHriday (Week #4)

Mail Time

pHoto pHriday (Week #3)

May 2016

Little Plans

pHoto pHriday (Week #2)

“The Person You Need…”

pHoto pHriday (Week #1)

The Importance Of Journaling

Assumptions In Bed

April 2016

Fruit Ninja With A Dash Of Chutzpah

“I saw that.” ~ Sincerely, Karma

No Chasing Allowed

Statistics At Its Best

March 2016

It’s All About Perspective

Death Of A College Student

The Extraordinarily Normal

The Two Kinds Of Bitches