May 2017

Market Day

April 2017

Juggler Ted

March 2017

Golden Church

Shitty First Draft

February 2017

In The Face Of Shit

January 2017

Findley Lake, New York: Part II

Findley Lake, New York

December 2016

Raise Your Hand

Story Of Nicolle: Part I

November 2016

World Kindness Day

When A Beautiful Thing Yields An Unfavorable Result

Macro Moments: Week 16

October 2016

Cee’s Photography: Flower of the Day – October 25, 2016

pHoto pHriday (Week #17)

52 Week Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Morning!

Our Only Job

September 2016


15 Years Later

pHoto pHriday (Week #16)

Thursday Doors – September 1, 2016

August 2016

The Universe’s Way

pHoto pHriday (Week #15)

Cell Phone Frame

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Light

Human Family

52 Week Photo Challenge Week 3 – Self Portrait

Photo Phriday (Week #14)

Travel Theme: Weather

First Official Youtube Video

Photo Phriday (Week #13)

52 Week Photo Challenge

Macro Moments: Week 8

Not Every Morning…

pHoto pHriday (Week 12)

pHoto pHriday (Week #11)

Flower of the Day – Cee’s Photography

Macro Moments: Week 7


A Few Unqualified Economic Theories

July 2016

pHoto pHriday (Week #10)

The Cherry On Top Of Any Day

If You Don’t, Somebody Else Will

pHoto pHriday (Week #9)

Madame Florence

pHoto pHriday (Week #8)

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge (Week #27)

You Never Know What (Or Who) Is Above You

Magic For Muggles

pHoto pHriday (Week #7)

June 2016

The Ground And The Stars

To Bee or Not to Bee (Partners)

pHoto pHriday (Week #6)

Valkyrie And The Freedom Writers

pHoto pHriday (Week #5)

The M&M Trick

pHoto pHriday (Week #4)

Mail Time

pHoto pHriday (Week #3)

May 2016

Little Plans

pHoto pHriday (Week #2)

“The Person You Need…”

pHoto pHriday (Week #1)

The Importance Of Journaling

Assumptions In Bed

April 2016

Fruit Ninja With A Dash Of Chutzpah

“I saw that.” ~ Sincerely, Karma

No Chasing Allowed

Statistics At Its Best

March 2016

It’s All About Perspective

Death Of A College Student

The Extraordinarily Normal

The Two Kinds Of Bitches