Macro Moments: Week 8

I intern at a Nature Center and before I started the closest I had ever been to nature was attending summer camp when I was in middle school.

One woman at the Nature Center tends to the birds and part of that responsibility is to check the bird boxes on the property. I think most people only have ever seen birds out their window as they’re driving, let alone have ever seen a bird’s actual nest eggs.

At the Nature Center part of our job is to protect the wildlife in the area and sometimes that means getting up close to make sure everything’s alright.

Below is my entry for the Musin’ With Susan Macro Moments Challenge: Week 8.

nature.3 (1 of 1)

The nest eggs pictured above are bluebird eggs and just for context, bluebird nest eggs are approximately the size of, and weighs a little bit less than, a quarter.

Photo was taken on a Nikon D3300 and a 18-55mm Nikkor lens.


If you enjoyed check out my pHoto pHriday as well as my Instagram (@captain_hails) for more photography content.

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