Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge (Week #27)

I think one of the best situations a photographer can be in is a situation in which it seems as if there’s nothing to take a photograph of – it forces the photographer to look around and really take notice of their surroundings.

I was sitting at Mitchell’s Ice Cream with the intention of doing a mini-photo shoot. I was about to leave without having taken any photos but then thought that there must be a story here somewhere.

So I looked at what was at my table (the vase) and then took out the first thing I could find in my purse (the key chain).

Photographs are meant to tell stories and there is always a story to be told – even if that story is a bit odd.

Below is my entry for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week #27



If you enjoyed, check out pHoto pHriday as well as my Instagram (@captain_hails) for more photography content.

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