The Importance Of Journaling

People who say they journal everyday are either lying or are immortal.

I’ve tried journaling before and it always lasted for about 2.5 seconds. And then before I know it, the journal is being used as a coaster.

Part of my problem is that my mind moves 10X the speed that my hand can write, so trying to write down everything in a journal is just frustrating. Another frustration is that I always come back to an idea at spontaneous moments and so there’s no good way to delegate real estate that will keep everything organized. And writing in pencil and constantly having to erase gets messy very quickly.

So instead of traditional journaling I do my own kind of “journaling”.


First I keep a quote book. Whenever I come across something someone said that really rings with me, I write down what was said, who said it, and in what situation I heard it for the first time. I have quotes recorded in that book from sophomore year of high school. Yet no matter how old a quote is, I could tell you exactly where I was and what I felt when I heard that quote said.

That’s the power of words.

DSC_0037 (2)

Another thing I do is keep a sketchbook in which I draw out my ideas. Some pages are all words while other pages are all drawings and many pages are a mix of both. If you were to look inside it, at least half of the pages you would not be able to figure out at all what I was thinking. And that’s sort of the cool part about keeping a sketch book in particular. Only you have the full answer key as to what is happening on each page. Most people can piece together even broken up phrases and notes. But it takes much more to piece together a drawing or sketch, especially if that drawing or sketch is an idea you have.

Moral of the story: whatever medium works for you, keep a documentation of what you find important. Because regardless of what form that documentation takes, that documentation tells a story and remember,


“Everybody has a story.”

  ~Vikki Pruitte-Sorrells

(10th Grade English)


Housekeeping Note: Apologies for the absent\late posts. We will be back on track starting this Monday.

The first notebook (my Quotes Book) pictured above is a notebook I was given sophomore year of high school from my English teacher as a congratulatory for participating in an oration speech contest.

The black sketchbook (my Idea Sketchbook) pictured above is a sketchbook from Barnes and Nobles.

Fact Of Life #8 has been added to The Facts Of Life page. Check it out. (linked below)

The Facts Of Life

One thought on “The Importance Of Journaling

  1. whirlysquirrel says:

    I love this! I like how your tagline is a quote from your quote book. I totally can relate to the frustration with journaling–I’ve kept a journal on and off for almost a year, and it’s never around when I actually want to write, and so I have to force myself to sit down and write inorganically but then my entries feel contrived and repetitive. I might try quotes this coming year! Love that idea.
    Could you do me a favor and check out my blog? It’s brand new and I could use some feedback and followers. (:


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