The Extraordinarily Normal

Casey Neistat is a film maker and Youtuber. I watch his vlogs and would like to bring up something he mentioned in one of them. He was doing a Q&A and somebody asked him what the most interesting part about going to the Oscars this year was. Now, keep in mind this was the year of the “White People’s Oscars” and also the year Leo won his first Oscar. So there were a lot of interesting moments to choose from.

The moment he chose was when he went backstage and saw a whole bunch of the Oscar nominees lined up. All in their breathtaking gowns, crisp tuxedos, high heels, shining shoes, standing in total grandeur, about to attend one of the greatest movie award events in the world…….

All waiting to use the bathroom.

The moment struck him because it was funny to realize that these stars, who are beyond famous, idolized as Gods and Goddesses, have to use the bathroom just like him, just like me, just like the President, and just like you.

They set an alarm clock because just like you they will oversleep if they don’t; they have gotten speeding tickets just like you when they’ve disregarded the law; they get dressed the same way as you, and they shit the same way too.

Which makes you wonder. Maybe we’ve been looking at this all wrong. Maybe the point is not that they’re extraordinary, but rather that they’re normal.

So then what’s the difference between them and us? It ain’t that hard to figure out. The difference is in the word. Extraordinary. Exxtraordinary. Extra-ordinary. Extra. Extra work… extra dedication… extra discipline… extra sweat… extra heart and soul. You see where I’m going with this?

They’re not extraordinary people, they’re normal people. Their work is extraordinary. That’s what we truly idolize about them.

Everybody is normal; the question is what do they do, what will YOU do, that is extraordinary.

It’s easy to think you don’t have something to contribute; the intimidating part is when you realize that you do have something to contribute, and let me just say, we all have something to contribute.

That’s when the road becomes jagged, no longer black and white, no longer a straight shot. But it also becomes colorful, and exciting, and fun, and full of adventure. The road has a much larger fee, it takes a lot of extra things to travel it, but it leads to a much better destination.

They seem like Gods and Goddesses, but what they really are, are normal people doing extraordinary things.

One thought on “The Extraordinarily Normal

  1. kissmyCASSIDY says:

    CASEY NEISTAT? I LOVE CASEY NEISTAT. I’ve been following him before he started daily vlogging! I aspire to be as great of a person/YouTuber as he is. Loved the blog post. Very inspiring 🙂 Now I’ve gotta go put in some WORK


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